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It is a program that helps to find and remove duplicate or redundant files
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Duplicate Cleaner is a free program that helps you to find and remove duplicate or redundant files on your computer. The GUI interface is very intuitive with excellent search functions. With the search criteria you can search multiple folder structures at once, and specify all the functions for identifying the duplicates. It is very useful for cleaning duplicate music files. The Selection Assistant enables the user to specify the way the music files are to be searched (artist, title, and album). There are at least 6 selection criteria to identify duplicate tracks.
The program will search all subfolders with two modes of operation - File Search and Music Search. In the File search, the default mode will scan any file according to the search criteria you specified - Same Content, File Name, Size and Date. The Same content (CRC) is the default option for the file search criteria. In the Music Search, the special mode will search music files with the same Song title, Artist, Length, Bit Rate, etc. You can specify the search for duplicates by any combination. It supports music formats like MP3, WMA, etc.
In both search processes you can specify the file size in KB, and the speed of search will depend on the number and the size of files in your folders. Duplicate Cleaner may also find duplicate photos, Word documents, videos and many more. As for images, you can view an image file using the Preview window, the program supports all types of image files. The results will be displayed in three tabs - Duplicate files, All Files Scanned and Zero Size Files.

Manoj Goel
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  • Effective tool for searching duplicate files.
  • Extensive selective criteria with flexible parameters.
  • Searches all folders with no size restriction.
  • Can convert duplicate files into hard links


  • Cannot create hard links between volumes and network.
  • Windows 95 and Vista installations are currently untested or unsupported
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